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HE currently doesn't support AXFR requests from other servers?

Started by lty, August 13, 2010, 04:50:56 AM

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While it's possible to use the HE DNS service in a slave/secondary config with them getting the info from the master server via AXFR am I right that there's currently no way for using HE DNS as the master server with secondary servers getting their DNS info from the HE servers via AXFR? I can't seem to find anywhere to set what servers to allow AXFR requests from, so I would guess so unless HE allows them from any server which sounds like a bad idea then it's not possible.

You could I guess transfer the info manually if your servers allow that but a bit of an annoying way to do things. Or use a hidden master with HE and your other secondary getting the DNS info from the hidden master or of course set it up in the reverse; but those do mean you can't use HE's config page which is decent enough.

The HE DNS page says they've received requests for master service, is that what I'm looking for?


BTW I haven't e-mailed HE yet. Thought I'd check here first and make sure.


You are looking for the master service. It is being worked on.





Are there any news about the master service?

I also would like to use he.net as primary and an other as slave dns.

Erwin Botas