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Help...I can't get my tunnel working again :(

Started by masterxc, January 04, 2009, 06:19:26 PM

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Okay...I decided that I wanted to move my tunnel to another server (so I could keep my existing allocation because of IPv6 reverse DNS), and I did so. However, it appears that I was having issues with it, so I pointed the tunnel back to my other server (configuration still intact). Now, I can't get the tunnel to work. I can ping my own Ipv6 IP and ::0, as well as any Ipv6 IPs I am using on the server, but I cannot ping the outside world.

IPTables is currently accepting ALL traffic, and IP6Tables is not configured. I even tried reconfiguring the server to no avail. Is there some delay between IPv4 endpoint changes or is something wrong...? I didn't change anything between the time I changed the endpoint to the new server then back to the old server.