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need help with completeing test @ he.net certification program

Started by Ahmed M. H. Alzaeem, April 02, 2014, 08:11:09 AM

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Ahmed M. H. Alzaeem

hi all ,
ive reached step 3  in certification tests

Congratulations, Explorer! Let's get you on to being an Enthusiast as quick as possible. Let's certify that you have the basics of IPv6 setup. To complete this test you will need
An IPv6 capable desktop
An IPv6 capable website/webserver
The Domain you provide below will be used in future DNS tests.

Help   Description   Data
Tell us what your IPv6 website is; FQDN please   http://  /  Use TLS
We will test grabbing the file   
Schedule the test   

im not understandin above ???
now if i implemented an ipv6 IIS server or apache server , how will i provide the FQDN ??
does that mean i need to register that FQDN on global dns ?

plz help me in completing this step and go to the next one

with my best regards


That's correct.  You need to run IIS, Apache, NGIX, ect and have a publicly registered domain available.

Ahmed M. H. Alzaeem


Hmmm, never looked into a completely free TLD nor did I think they even existed.

The thing to keep in mind though is that the host has to have IPv6 capabilities, many still don't, so to press on in the cert program make sure to check this before jumping into anything. If you have IPv6 to the house, you might be able to XAMP something together but you would still need a registered domain to push over to your home Apache.
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