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Started by Misfitsman805, April 23, 2014, 07:09:15 PM

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IOS 6 Support would be awesome for this app! Was so excited to see that a new HE app was out! Than became bummed to find out it requires IOS 7 or later...  :(
IOS 6 support wouldn't require much of a change to code would it?


Actually, it would.  It's relatively easy to move forward from iOS6->7 code, since at that point you're more or less able to tighten up and remove a bunch of code.  Not quite so easy to go back, since then you have to a) stick guards around potentially optional usage of iOS7-only APIs (as well as find them, since all apps have to be built using the most current SDK, so the IDE is no help here); b) not base any functions on any iOS7-only API additions or improvements (CFNetwork improvements, etc.); c) rely on deprecated properties, and hope they don't get removed in the next major release.

Not insurmountable, but not completely trivial.


So is there any plan to add support for IOS 6 or even maybe Android Froyo (2.2-2.2.3)


I can't make any promises about iOS6.  It's not a simple shift to also support it, especially once iOS8 lands anyway.  Usually the down-rev sims get retired out, which then makes it kind of tough to test & build against.

As to Android, I believe the IPv6 support on those releases is limited to non-existent.  The OS has also come a long way in the four years since Froyo came out.


Alright thank you for the info. :)