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Latency to Google

Started by wildlava, May 16, 2014, 04:05:23 PM

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[I posted about this last year, and I am wondering if there has been any improvement (or when there might be in the future).]

The problem is that even though my he.net tunnel endpoint is in Denver, CO, IPv6 traffic to Google seems to route through Chicago, causing more latency than necessary. If I open a tunnel to CenturyLink's 6RD service (they are my provider), I get to Google's Denver node directly (same for IPv4 to Google with no tunnel).

Latency to Google via CenturyLink IPv4 or IPv6 is ~19ms, whereas via IPv6 through he.net's tunnel, it is ~65ms. So the latency is more than 3x worse on he.net.

CL's 6RD is inferior to he.net in many ways (so I would much rather use he.net), but CL's latency to Google (peering?) is better, and fast response to/from Google is pretty important these days. I am wondering if this can yet be fixed in he.net's network (avoiding the trip through Chicago), or if there is hope of better, more direct peering anytime soon.

Thanks, Joe