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TP-Link 3600 / TL-WDR3600 compatible with HE / Tunnelbroker?

Started by evaq, June 22, 2014, 12:11:14 PM

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I just bought a TP-Link 3600 aka TL-WDR3600. TP-Link's Dutch IPv6 page (http://nl.tp-link.com/article/?faqid=482) says it supports 6RD.

However, the router itself (firmware 3.13.34 Build 130909 Rel.53148n) only says:

DHCPv6 - Connections which use dynamic IPv6 address assignment.
Static IPv6 - Connections which use static IPv6 address assignment.
PPPoEv6 - Connections which use PPPoEv6 that requires a user name and password.
Tunnel 6to4 - Connections which use 6to4 address assignment.

Is this compatible with HE / Tunnelbroker? Tips very much appreciated.