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DNS.HE.NET Reverse for TunnelBroker Delegated not working

Started by colerus, July 11, 2014, 02:08:18 PM

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I'm having almost same problem... I've created an tunnel in tunnelbroker and in rDNS, i've choosed "Delegate to dns.he.net". When i go to dns.he.net, i see the routed /64 and /48 there, with the status of Incomplete.
When i click in "edit" on /48, it opens normally and does not stays incomplete. But when i click on /64 to edit, it only refreshes the page and nothing happens!!! The page only shows the header of the page, menu and the blue tag "Hurricane Electric Free DNS Management"... They don't let me configure my reverse addresses....

Someone knows what's happening???



I am having exactly the same problem!

Should I also still send an e-mail? One would expect the underlying problem would have been fixed over the past few months. ;)


Only if the underlying error wasn't user based ;)
Now send that email already.