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Help! I need something sane on rDNS

Started by n4rky, August 26, 2014, 06:25:04 PM

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Hello all,

Sorry, but nothing I'm seeing on how to do IPv6 rDNS even remotely begins to make sense to me. I realize this is supposed to be simpler than the old IPv4, but it just looks even weirder than the old IPv4, which was plenty weird enough. And the length that I take it will be required isn't adding to my sense of sanity.

I have a /64 tunnel from he.net: 2001:470:67:119::/64. I have roughly 13 addresses I'm trying to set up reverse for. I have no understanding of what the zone name should look like from anything I'm seeing on the web or on these forums. I have no understanding of the relevant zone files.

Can somebody point me at something sane that will actually make sense?



Still uses PTR records, not certain what the issue is....guess it depends on what DNS software you are using?

Your SOA/$ORIGIN should be your 64 network bits, so

Then the PTR is the the host 64 bits sooooooo: IN PTR whatever.some.tld

edit - also try this: http://www.gestioip.net/docu/ipv6_reverse_dns_delegation.html


There is also a tool called sipcalc that with the -r option will show what the entire name is supposed to look like.

I've got it sorted out now--thanks!--but I really wish Dan Bernstein's approach with djbdns had caught on. dbjdns would just figure out the PTR response from the A record and, of course, this could be extended to AAAA records.


Re:  http://www.gestioip.net/docu/ipv6_reverse_dns_delegation.html

The guy who wrote that doesn't realize that 4-bit groups are properly called nybbles.  I would be hesitant to refer someone to a resource that can't even spell an integral part of the process correctly, but perhaps that's just me.  ;-)