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Email test, empty email

Started by yozh, January 12, 2009, 12:03:33 PM

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I got the email for the test but its blank, nothing in it, I tried 3 times with same results. What gives ?


Hmm strange I did a capture and was able to get the code, but with exchange 2007 I guess it doesnt like direct connect or something....


From the "Cert level break downs" thread:
QuoteAdministrator: Verify that you have a working IPv6 capable MTA by sending you an email only over IPv6. Right now we do a socket connection and send SMTP commands and wait for responses, this will be changed to using a stand-alone IPv6 only MTA on our side to resolve issues with gray-listing and EXIM/Exchange not liking the socket connection (odd, other MTAs don't have a problem with it).