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Guru test: Couldn't get AAAA for NS with freedns.afraid.org

Started by keamas, October 23, 2014, 03:50:07 AM

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I need help with the Guru test.
I get the message:

Couldn't get AAAA for NS

I started the test with a free dyndns domain from: http://freedns.afraid.org

I bought later the info domain:

So I did some of the first tests with: ipv6.planet-express.mooo.com
and later some with planet-express.info.

For the guru test I have no option to enter a domain name.
It uses automatically: ipv6.planet-express.mooo.com

I added the ipv6.planet-express.mooo.com domain to the FreeDNS tool of HE.
I entered the NS1.AFRAID.ORG as a NS Record and created MX and AAAA record (see the screenshots)

[root@Mom:~]# dig NS ipv6.planet-express.mooo.com +short
[2014-10-23 12:20 CEST] [-root shell-] [-Barracuda Networks-]
[root@Mom:~]# dig NS planet-express.info +short

Can anyone help me to master this test.
Is it possible to do this with http://freedns.afraid.org if yes can anyone tell me how?


The cert uses the same domain that you started with for the entire process. I don't know if the afraid.org domains are able to complete the entire cert or not.

Since you've already bought a domain I'd use that for the cert. Reset your cert progress back to the beginning and restart using the domain you bought.
Matt Wilson



That's the one. Just reset that, then use the domain name you bought for the entire certification. I found it useful in the last few steps, especially the one requiring a glue record just to have HE's DNS servers take care of DNS for me. My domain registrar doesn't really handle IPv6 glue records properly, and since I'd gotten a separate domain I didn't run the risk of inadvertently causing a problem for my business' domain.
Matt Wilson