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notfqdn when trying to update

Started by tpickard, November 02, 2014, 05:35:22 AM

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I have been trying to get my IP address to update automatically. Everything I've tried fails. To make it as simple as possible I've tried to do things manually to make sure the information I am using is correct. I keep running up against one stupid error message that tells me squat: "notfqdn"

I have gone to https://ipv4.tunnelbroker.net/nic/update in my browser and get the same error no matter what I use. Where do I find and how do I format my username?


I've never seen the link you posted before, but when I enter my credentials (which I know are correct) I get the same error.


looks like you are trying to do a dynamic update from the ddclient.  What you need is to use all of the stuff to identify the tunnel.

Per the FAQ, that link is listed under dynamic updates:

One possiblity:

if you are using ddclient: