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DNS query: network error on Xiaomi Note 10 Pro

Started by hrebehn, July 11, 2021, 01:00:45 AM

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I have been using HE Toolbox on a variety of mobile devices without serious problems. Great Tool :)
Now I bought a Xiaomi Note 10 Pro and one of the first apps I installed was HE Toolbox of course.
When trying to make a DNS query I get a network error. My Wifi configuration is vanilla. My Fritz!Box works as router and forwards the network operator supplied DNS address. Other apps work as expected.
Another strangeness is the lack of the input field for an alternate DNS server in the Toolbox.
Even more strange: I can ping google.com via its name.
Is there anything specials with Xiaomi's DNS resolver?

I tried to attach screenshots, but they failed some security check :(



Maybe you're blocking IP addresses in the FritzBox?

Also, in Android you have to set DNS from the settings. It's not possible to do this with a 3rd party app.


No blocking in FritzBox.
DNS address is supplied via DHCP.
Other apps work.
HE Tools can even *ping* via hostname but not do dns resolution on same name.

Quite strange! I have used HE Tools on quite a few phones (iPhone, Android) and never saw this strange behaviour.

BTW, I just noticed that the input field for the DNS server to query only appears on the IOS version of HE Toolbox.