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default route -tunnel

Started by frapisello, April 29, 2015, 07:18:38 AM

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First of all sorry for my english. I'll try to explain my situation

I have an Ubuntu VM with the tunnel up and running
I followed the instructions on this site to create the tunnel interface he-ipv6
Tunnel works well.

On this machine i have a second interface connected to a virtual local lan on the network 2003:0:0:1::/64
This network works fine, i can ping all of the machines connected through it.
So i added a default route on this machine
route –A inet6 add ::/0 dev he-ipv6
but if i try to ping the internet from a machine in the net, packets reach this machine but not the tunnel
What am I doing wrong ? the default route that I added should routed all traffic through the tunnel interface , right?

I hope i have explained my problem, ask for every informations you need.


The default route on the "inside" network needs to be the Inside interface of your VM.  Your VM will then route between the HE network and your internal network


the VM where i have the tunnel is the default route for my internal lan, in fact if i traceroute6 google.com from any machine it reach the VM and stops there
on the tunnel machine default route is the tunnel interface

i activated ipv6 forwarding on this machine, should not be used to route packets between interfaces?