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Understanding how RAs should update routing tables

Started by CootesNest, June 13, 2015, 06:56:40 AM

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I'm struggling to understand the difference between RA Prefix and Route information. I'd expect that both ought to update routing, but I cannot make them.

Below is a diff between using Prefix and Route, showing the only part of the dump that differs. The data were captured on the interface that has an address in 2001:XXX:YYYY::/64.

My environment has 2001:XXX:YYYY::/48 allocated. The left hand Prefix RA dump fails to update my routers to the 2001:XXX:YYYY:ZZZZ::/64 subnet, but the right hand Route example does update the routing tables.

Have I misunderstood that Prefix should update routing, or am I using a broken router (Fedora F21, with NetworkManager removed + necessary faffing to get /64 routes updated at all - too much detail for just validating whether I've got hold of the wrong end of the stick)?

        prefix 2001:XXX:YYYY:ZZZZ::/64                        |         route 2001:XXX:YYYY:ZZZZ::/64
        {                                                               {
                AdvValidLifetime 86400;                       |                 AdvRoutePreference high;
                AdvPreferredLifetime 30;                      |                 AdvRouteLifetime 30;
                AdvOnLink off;                                |         }; # End of route definition
                AdvAutonomous off;                            <
                AdvRouterAddr on;                             <
        }; # End of prefix definition                         <