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Some problems in my zone

Started by makz, June 22, 2015, 03:29:39 AM

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i've a zone "makz.me" wich this zone have some servers (serah = primary dns server(ns1) + mail server + hosting ect ... AND mileena = slave dns (ns2))

serah.makz.me are A and AAAA records and same for mileena

i've a A and AAAA records for mail.makz.me pointed to my server and a MX record pointing at mail.makz.me priority 10

BUT my first problem is here, when i dig makz.me MX  he.net's dns servers answer me "CNAME serah.makz.me" that cause some other mail server instead of responding me to my mailbox "contact@makz.me" it send me the mail to "contact@serah.makz.me" by default.

By the way i've another big problem, i've some other zone on my ns1/2.makz.me but i think because my he.net zone is broken, some public dns server can't resolve my other zone (you can try to resolve ts.phenixstorm.com) https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/ts.phenixstorm.com

Can you help me to find my problem ? Thank you !


"makz.me. IN CNAME serah.makz.me." is invalid.  You can't do that.


I know that's my problem, my zone is configured with an MX record priority 10 to mail.makz.me but he.net's servers answer me a CNAME :(


CNAMEs override all other records at that level.  As such, your MX (along with everything else at that level) is masked by the CNAME.  Remove the CNAME, and the MX should become visible again.