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The IPv6 numbers in the IPv4 exhaustion gadget

Started by jbwisemo, September 13, 2015, 09:40:19 AM

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The IPv4 exhaustion gadget on the he.net front pages contains some IPv6 deployment statistics.

But I find no page providing details behind those statistics (clicking the gadget just explains how to show it elsewhere).

For example, does the "v6 glue" statistics include domains with glue records under another TLD (e.g. foo.com being the same company as foo.net with dns on ns*.foo.net)?

It would also be interesting to note how the statistics deals with domains that use professional DNS hosting providers (to get geographic DNS redundancy etc.), thus needing no glue in the TLD zone itself.

etc. etc.


That's sad, given the bad way in which that report ignored lots of real domains based on a SEDO assumption.

Also, it looks kind of silly when there is a simulated and obviously extrapolated one-IPv4-at-a-time countdown for the Regional Registries, since handouts are almost never done one IP at a time.