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Is the London tunnel working?

Started by smanet, August 24, 2015, 04:41:38 AM

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I'm checking if it's something on HE.net side, as my tunnel stopped to work today.
I can traceroute and ping normally but when I try any TCP connection, it seems I can connect to the supposed open services on the other end (a my VPS, for example), but I don't get any data back.
From the VPS to my router I got the same behaviour.
Checked firewall and all the possible stuff before opening this.
Any confirmation or less?
Thank you!


I'm answering myself, the London tunnel has something really odd.
I have just tried another provider and everything works as usual.
Waiting for a kind official confirmation.


I've got the same issue. ping6 works fine. TCP goes haywire.

I'm on Sky, and it so happened that they upgraded the firmware on my Sky Hub around the same time. Based on some troubleshooting it sounds like it's likely not Sky that's the issue. I'm curious if people on other ISPs are experiencing the same?


I'm on Sky too, signed up to get into early native IPV6 testing with them, however this was let down by not enough people interested in it.
I confirm that my firmware was updated, I have disabled all the possible conflicting options on it and I'm using a separate router (Sophos UTM), with 3 diverse LAN too.
I'm still using the other provider without any issue, just to keep myself on the safe side.