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password reset not working

Started by hsmith, February 15, 2009, 07:26:53 PM

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Hi y'all,

I got an email about the password issue but I managed to delete the email. I tried to do a password reset and it said it would email the details but it never did. I tried a few times and never got an email. Anybody else have this problem?


I just tested it from here, and received the mail as expected, and the password works.

One thing to note, however: the password reset only resets your tunnelbroker password.  There is a good reason for this: if we change the forum password, you can't login to ask questions like this if you've got a saved session or the browser has it saved.  In order to update the forum password, you'd have to go into the tb "Update Info" page and change it there to sync 'em both up.


Yes I am very grateful I could still get on here. It is the tunnel broker password that I tried to get reset and I've tried it a few times and have never got an email. I will try it again. Thanks


Well this is really strange, still no email. But I did send an email to ipv6@he.net and I got the Acknowlegement email so I know my email is working but I'm not getting any email from the password reset function on the main page.