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Netflix blocking HE IPv6 tunnel IPs

Started by garrickstrom, June 02, 2016, 11:23:45 AM

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In their quest to block proxies and VPNs for folks outside of US accessing US Netflix content, it seems that Netflix has blocked HE IPv6 space (or at least mine).  I have my tunnel terminated on a Raspberry Pi inside my LAN, giving out IPv6 addresses from my allocation to all devices on the LAN.  Starting today, no device on the LAN can access Netflix, unless I turn off IPv6 or use a DNS server that doesn't resolve AAAA addresses (so the traffic doesn't go through the tunnel).  This kinda sucks, because on a brand new Apple TV, there is no way to disable IPv6, even if you statically assign IPv4 addressing.  It still picks up RAs, and uses that instead of the IPv4 address when it can.  To allow my kids to watch Minions this morning I had to statically assign my Apple TV the google DNS server so that it couldn't look up AAAA records.

Is there any chance that someone from HE could contact someone from Netflix and figure out how to solve this issue?  I am legitimately in the US, but because I prefer to use IPv6 I am now blocked from their content unless I stop using my tunnel.