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ASA 5505 and 1841

Started by yozh, February 17, 2009, 04:40:09 AM

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Basically, I am doing that now.  Given i can't get to the net.

If using a pat, why would I be able to ping the internet but the items behind me not be able to.

Pings are not being blocked that I know of, but, they are not successful.  From the edge router, not a problem..


Do you have  NAT translations set up to allow traffic to come in and out?


On the router, NAT is setup to go out.   Same config prior to installing the pix,but, put a new router in place to handle the nat and the dhcp of the modem.  Going to check again.  maybe I fat fingered something.   ::)


Thanks for the feedback. The only concern I have with the double NAT piece is if I ever wanted to host a server. Maybe move beyond my "explorer" status. :) In order to do so I guess I would have to map the Port backwards thru both the Router and the ASA. I haven't messed with that part. Right now I'm double NATting with no problems. 1841 to ASA to LAN.