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Verizon FiOS blocking incoming ICMP, can't update tunnel IP

Started by jcostom, September 13, 2016, 01:15:26 PM

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Greetings all..  I've had a nice, stable tunnel for quite some time now.  Well, the other day, I changed out my router.  Went from a Juniper SRX210 to a new SRX300.  Config ported over nicely and it's working quite nicely.

Only problem?  Verizon is now blocking inbound ICMP to many of their customer subnets.  So now, my tunnel can't be updated to my newly assigned public IP.

Is there anything that can be done to workaround this?  Any sort of "user knows what he's really doing" flag for a tunnel, so I can change the IP and bring it back online?

Cheers and thanks.


No, you need to have ICMP working

Call Verizon and argue with them on it for a while.

Good luck.


I'm on FiOS here in NoVA and incoming ICMP is still working for me on my residential connection.


Same thing is happening here, started last night with a Verizon outage. When it came back up my public IP had changed to a different subnet, and the Dynamic DNS updater in pfSense refuses to update the He.net Tunnelbroker connection. I'm guessing that's also because they've blocked pings.

Thanks for messing things up yet again Verizon! I'll monitor but I don't expect any improvement, so it looks like I'll be tearing down my IPv6 Tunnel and config permanently.