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Email Ticket system doesn't work

Started by bunxbun, January 01, 2020, 04:57:55 PM

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I have been sending emails about various requests and I never get a response. All I can think is the HE ticket system does not work with my domain nyy.ca

I have been trying to get an issue with my address verification resolved as I assume that is why I haven't received my t-shirt yet.

I completed the IPv6 tests some time ago and my friend received his shirt, however I never received mine. I log into my account and on one line the address is verified but on the next it says verification incomplete. What do I need to do to verify my address?

Validate Address for Sages' IPv6 T-Shirt
Your selected T-Shirt Size:XXL
Already validated!

My tshirt order status
Address Verification Incomplete


Is there no support from this company? I still cannot get help on this issue.

Zane Reick

I'm not sure the support still exists. I'm 99% sure EVERYTHING on the back-end is 100% automated, and therefore there are no people to provide support.
-- Zane Reick
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