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RIP on IPv6 for Linux?

Started by divad27182, March 03, 2017, 07:22:21 PM

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Once upon a time, I worked on a network of SunOS computers.  They all ran "routed" implementing the RIP protocol.  They all routed everything right.  At some point our network administrators decided that the 3 packets per router per minute was too much traffic on our network, and shut it down.  Routing problems started.

Does anyone known of a comparable lightweight routing daemon for IPv6 and IPv4, for the Linux (debian) platform?  As far as I'm concerned, Quagga or Zebra is to heavy.  I tried "babeld", but it was too much based on hosts instead if networks.

I'm looking for something that is single process, single thread, small executable, minimal configuration, and capable of running on every node in the network, including the non-routing nodes.  (Non-routing nodes should just be receive only, except for an initial broadcast like in RIP.)   Ideally, it could also replace radvd.

--David G