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Latency spike (1000+ ms) on Ashburn, VA Tunnelbroker server

Started by jasonwc, June 30, 2017, 05:45:09 PM

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This morning (June 30th) from approximately 1:15 AM - 1:35 AM, I experienced very high packet loss and latency from the Ashburn, VA tunnel broker server.  I use pfsense on my router and it does a simple ping test to monitor latency on each gateway.  The monitoring page showed an average ping time of 1283 ms and packet loss of 38% at 1:25 AM (5 minute average).  I actually pinged Google when I started experiencing issues and found pings over 10,000ms.  Under normal circumstances, my average ping time to the Ashburn server is 3 - 5 ms.  During the same period, my WAN experienced no increase in latency or packet loss (3 ms and 0%, respectively).  I am approximately 25 miles from the Ashburn, VA server.


I just saw the same behavior last night at around the same time (1:10 AM  - 1:30 AM EST). 

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