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Configuring SOHO 831

Started by itdaddy, August 16, 2008, 08:31:41 PM

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Okay I have a SOHO 831 series cisco router. it does have ipv6 unicast-routing enabled on it.

can you explain in english what it exactly happening with the commands on my cisco. I have seen tunneling setup configs and such but what about NAT inside and NAT outside commands and what
if my ISP give me a dynamic public IP address and on the ip nat outside i have DHCP configured.
how do I configure my tunnel with DHCP on the ip nat outside?? and with nat? do you have the configs for a cisco router? thanks

Robert ;D


Configure the tunnel per the instructions on this site.  The tunnel source address should be the public IP address provided by your ISP.  When the ISP changes you IP address you will need to come to this site and change your tunnel endpoint address.  Don't know if they allow that nor how you do it though since I've not had to do it so far.

Note that in your config you may specify the interface name instead of the actual ip address when configuring the tunnel -

This (from one of my configs - not an 831 so your interface name will differ) -

tunnel source FastEthernet0

Instead of this -

tunnel source xx.xx.xx.xx

Your NAT and DHCP configs do not apply to ipv6.  Each device will work out its own address when it comes up and discovers the router.  And NAT is not necessary with ipv6.

Sorry I do not know if the 831 supports ipv6 but the feature navigator on Cisco's site should tell you.


keeska, unfortunately Cisco's Software Advisor isn't open to the general public.

The Cisco 831 supports IPv6 with the IP/FW/PLUS 3DES feature set running IOS 12.3 and IOS 12.4. Incidentally that's the only feature set you can use with an 831  ;)


Hey guys sorry way late got busy for half a year wow.hhhaa

This what I think about how it works please straighten me out.

Okay for sure I cannot use my ASA 5505 as a front end device I have heard on this forum.
So I am going to use my 831 SOHO which does have ipv6 option. I create a config that tunnels
from an Ipv6 relay server out to HE. But I guess my 831 soho need to route ipv6 address/traffic
to my internal LAN (does it translate it into ipv4 within my LAN on the router?) or does it just route
it to my ASA 5505 and then I do what? route it to say a specific computer that has an IPV6 address?
So in my internal can my computers have Ipv4 and ipv6 addresses and how do i make sure i can still
get to both internet worlds??? I wish there was a step by step some where I have so many questions
as to what it does at each point? 831 soho outside ; 831 soho inside and to my asa 5505 and then out
my asa 5505 on the LAN side????can someone step it out for me as to what each point doe
in like pseudo code that would be great.. and maybe tell me where to get the configs for this. I can get some of this I am sure by knowing how my asa 5505 works. It is setup already with security zones
and servers behind it. works good...just dont want to mess it up..do i even need NAT on the front end router before the ISP??? I have heard yo dont..thanks i just need the process i understand some stuff but need some questions answered. when you guys have time thank you