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BGP - Getting started

Started by blancha, March 02, 2018, 11:31:12 PM

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I've what I expect is an unusual question. I am a residential customer that is currently single router/dual homed. I have an SIT tunnel built to HE through ISP1 and can manually move the tunnel from one to the other with no issues. I do a lot what could best be described as network lab work out my home and I want more than that. I have looked into the ARIN requirements and fees and appears fee-wise I could get an my own ASN and up to a /44 IPv6 block for under $800 the first year and $200/year thereafter. I'm okay with this. I would likely request a /45 or /46 and route a /48 to at least 3 other labs spaces leaving the rest in reserve. The main hitch is I see ATM is that ARIN wants two upstream ASNs. HE would my primary. Any suggestions on a second? As I am a residential customer my local ISPs are out. Is there another way to go my preferred direction with this?