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Routing and prefixes

Started by johnantypas, March 31, 2009, 08:49:13 AM

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I know this has probably been asked many times before -- and I'm getting there honest!

I've got my tunnel up and I can successfully ping6 the far end. I'm using a /64 routed space.
I've also got local machines pinging the router on their on /80 space.  (Right?)  It seemed to me that if I was offered a /64 of
a:b:c:d::/64, I could just use a:b:c:d:1::/80 for internal nodes.  I also gave this number to Radvd.

Everything works except when I try to leave the subnet.  In IPv4, it's a default route and IP forwarding problem.  Here, I get address out of scope on a ping6.  My thoughts, such as they are :-) were that:

If the local nodes were ::/80, and they had a default route ::/0 to the router it woudl pass things on to the tunnel.
On the way back, given everything is global, traffic should flow back to the ::/80.

It doesnt.  What have I missed?


"Normal" setups use /64s as subnets. Especially autoconfiguration requires a /64.

If you only got one routed /64 and want to use autoconfiguration, you can only use one subnet.

FYI, RFC 1972 was obsoleted by RFC 2464. (Therefore 64 bit host addresses are required for autoconfiguration on ethernet.)


Is ipv6 forwarding enabled on the gateway machine?
Since radvd requires /64, are the LAN machines actually GETTING an IP in your /80?