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Is it possible to get a /32?

Started by syadnom, October 09, 2018, 03:59:38 PM

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Is it possible to get a /32 instead of the /48?


I guess the obvious question is why? Why would you need more than 65k of  /64?

The recommendation is to give /32 to ISP 's

HE's allocation is only a /32, I think


I'm trying to mock up a network *functionally* but I'm having to setup various things like prefix delegation different than the production network would be.  basically can't design with best practices without >/48.  Not really that important, but if it were easy enough to setup then why not.


To get a /32, you need to contact your continent's RIR.


If its a mock-up, use ULA.

If you need real world connectivity, contact a RIR/LIR. ($)

If you want it announced through a BGP tunnel with us, contact a RIR/LIR and get an ASN. ($)