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A couple simple questions!

Started by Trent, June 06, 2019, 05:55:38 AM

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Recently I decided to switch to Hurricane Electric's DNS. I am not an expert with DNS's so I have a couple of questions.

Unlike Cloudflare, Hurricane Electric's DNS does not hide your origin hosting ip. If you do a tracert or a whoishostingthis it will in fact expose your origin ip instead of the name of the DNS provider exe. Cloudflare ... Hurricane Electric. Is there any way to make it so it hides my origin ip? If so, how can I go about doing this?

My other question is how can I make my nameservers use my domain? Exe ns1.mysite.com ns2.mysite.com. The nameservers aren't my number one priority at the moment, but if you happen to know how to do this, it would be great to know!

Thank you!


The second question is easier to answer:  You shouldn't do that (not easily).  For proper delegation to work, you should use HE's names for their servers.  Although you could use custom names, should HE change an ip address (whether ipv4 or ipv6), you would have to make the corresponding change to both your zone and your registry entry (for name server address glue).  Leaving the names as is does not require such changes.  Most users of a domain won't know or notice the difference between an in-domain name server and an out-of-domain name server, so there's no real point in doing this.

I don't know what you mean by "origin ip" so I choose not to answer the first question.


The free DNS hosting doesn't provide Cloudflare DDOS/obfuscation protections. It serves up DNS records, like have been on the internet since long before Cloudflare existed.


Toward the first question HE DNS can provide a forward or reverse proxy. Cloudflare employs reverse DNS proxy to cloak the origin ip. There is link on the HE DNS page to set up a reverse DNS proxy to accomplish what you are asking.

On the second question if you want to use your own name servers then HE's name servers are not the solution. You can in general only use one set of name servers at a time, and it's either yours or theirs. The exception is if you want to use your own name servers as a failover in case HE's are not reachable. That is an unlikely instance, but to that you can use one or more of the five NS records allowed. It's recommended that yours go at the bottom though, as in ns5.examplenameserver.com for example.

Hope this helps.