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Issues with Attempting to delegate my IPv6 zone to dns.he.net

Started by rockrockenhaus, November 07, 2019, 09:48:42 AM

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Last week I added the HE name servers to my two netblocks, my IPv4 and my IPv6 netblocks, for reverse DNS resolution successfully on the ARIN website. HE recognizes the IPv4 delegation successfully for, but for some reason it doesn't recognize the delegation for 2602:fde2::/48. I just deleted and readded the zone to no avail. I'm just curious - is there any steps I'm missing here?




No 2602:fde2:0000::/48 network as far as I can tell either, and 2602:fde2:0::/36 just has the entire block rdns delegated to the HE dns servers. If you add the whole thing it would have no error but you want to create that specific network 2602:fde2:0000::/48 (i.e. assignment/allocation with new handle, id, poc's if applicable, etc) first probably. I don't know if it's possible to just add rdns delegation record by specifying if it is you might need to make the request specifically?


Did you tell the HE servers via https://dns.he.net about your IPv6 delegation?  Sometimes, the zone itself must list the NS records for HE before it's pulled, else the zone never gets loaded.