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Miredo some addresses not reachable

Started by Pentium4User, February 24, 2020, 12:39:03 AM

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I use Ubuntu 18.04 and installed miredo to use teredo tunneling.
The HE-SIT tunnel is being blocked by my provider, teredo traffic passes.
The problem is I can't reach some addresses.
Here a working one
root@amd-server:~# ping6 golem.de
PING golem.de(golem.de (2a00:13c8:f5::f:4b3d:148)) 56 data bytes
64 bytes from golem.de (2a00:13c8:f5::f:4b3d:148): icmp_seq=1 ttl=60 time=186 ms
64 bytes from golem.de (2a00:13c8:f5::f:4b3d:148): icmp_seq=3 ttl=60 time=48.8 ms
64 bytes from golem.de (2a00:13c8:f5::f:4b3d:148): icmp_seq=4 ttl=60 time=45.2 ms
--- golem.de ping statistics ---
4 packets transmitted, 3 received, 25% packet loss, time 3030ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 45.281/93.633/186.752/65.861 ms

And a non-working
root@amd-server:~# ping6 heise.de
PING heise.de(redirector.heise.de (2a02:2e0:3fe:1001:302::)) 56 data bytes
From amd-server (2001:0:c38c:c38c:2ca5:11cd:dae7:df58) icmp_seq=11 Destination unreachable: Address unreachable
From amd-server (2001:0:c38c:c38c:2ca5:11cd:dae7:df58) icmp_seq=12 Destination unreachable: Address unreachable
--- heise.de ping statistics ---
12 packets transmitted, 0 received, +2 errors, 100% packet loss, time 11231ms


The IPv6 address is also reachable through my HE-Tunnel on another network, so it is not a problem of the site's config.
There are also more addresses that are not reachable.
root@amd-server:~# traceroute6 golem.de
traceroute to golem.de (2a00:13c8:f5::f:4b3d:148) from 2001:0:c38c:c38c:2ca5:11cd:dae7:df58, 30 hops max, 24 byte packets
1  * * 6to4.ams1.he.net (2001:470:0:190::2)  93,563 ms
2  10gigabitethernet9.switch2.ams1.he.net (2001:470:0:190::1)  28,658 ms  38,018 ms  41,955 ms
3  * * *
4  xe-11-1-0-0.blu1-r2.syseleven.net (2a00:13c8:10:c::)  114,63 ms  43,023 ms  42,636 ms
5  golem.de (2a00:13c8:f5::f:4b3d:148)  42,342 ms  43,234 ms  40,245 ms

root@amd-server:~# traceroute6 heise.de
traceroute to heise.de (2a02:2e0:3fe:1001:302::) from 2001:0:c38c:c38c:2ca5:11cd:dae7:df58, 30 hops max, 24 byte packets
1  * * *
2  * amd-server (2001:0:c38c:c38c:2ca5:11cd:dae7:df58)  0,134 ms !H  0,061 ms !H

root@amd-server:~# ip -6 route show
::1 dev lo proto kernel metric 256 pref medium
2001::/32 dev teredo proto kernel metric 256 pref medium
fe80::/64 dev teredo proto kernel metric 256 pref medium
default dev teredo metric 1029 pref medium

here from another network with HE tunnel.
user@ubuntu-zbook:~$ traceroute6 heise.de
traceroute zu heise.de (2a02:2e0:3fe:1001:302::) von 2001:470:1f0b:3da:c072:62f0:5553:fef, 30 hops max, 24 byte packets
1  2001:470:1f0b:3da::1 (2001:470:1f0b:3da::1)  6,8088 ms  1,6686 ms  1,4980 ms
2  tunnel557714.tunnel.tserv6.fra1.ipv6.he.net (2001:470:1f0a:3db::1)  30,2908 ms * *
3  10ge3-18.core1.fra1.he.net (2001:470:0:69::1)  24,0092 ms  22,9750 ms  26,5066 ms
4  * * *
5  * 2a02:2e0:12:19::1 (2a02:2e0:12:19::1)  25,1772 ms  23,0703 ms
6  2a02:2e0:12:32::2 (2a02:2e0:12:32::2)  23,5675 ms  27,4573 ms *
7  2a02:2e0:3fe:0:c::1 (2a02:2e0:3fe:0:c::1)  24,2054 ms !X  24,4846 ms !X  24,1571 ms !X

What is the problem here?
Kind regards


Well, which miredo-Server are you using?


Quote from: tjeske on February 24, 2020, 07:13:40 AM
Well, which miredo-Server are you using?
The answer to that is actually in the ping output. It says c38c:c38c which is teredo.trex.fi.

I see the same issue with teredo.remlab.net which is the one Miredo use by default.

So it probably isn't a problem with the Teredo server. More likely it's a problem with the Teredo relay heise.de is using, and since that Teredo relay isn't responding I cannot say with certainty which relay they are using.

To identify the relay you need to get the output of a traceroute6 command run on the heise.de server towards your Teredo address (should look the same regardless of which Teredo address they try).

The chances of getting this issue resolved are tiny as most network operators seem to not care about Teredo and many of them don't have a clue how it works.