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Peering with free down?

Started by kumy, April 01, 2020, 08:39:33 AM

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Hi I've noticed since some days that I cannot reach free.fr at 2a01:e0c:1::1 through my tunnel. Using http://lg.he.net/, ping also fails from core1.mrs1.he.net core1.par2.he.net core1.waw1.he.net (I've not tested others). It however seems to work from another connection (tested with a server inside range 2001:bc8::/33 - which is owned by free).

I can successfully reach other destination such as lg.he.net 2001:470:0:20b::2, google.com...

Where should such problems be reported?


Problem is: Free's network is managed by a guignol... and it has been the same clown for two decades.
Thread in French regarding the issue: https://lafibre.info/peering/free-hurricane-electric/
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What I understand from a machine translation of that article is that the root problem is that Free have decided to run their network with only a single transit provider. That transit provider is Cogent.

As a tunnelbroker.net user you also only have a single transit provider. That transit provider is Hurricane Electric.

Cogent and Hurricane Electric aren't able to reach an agreement. From the information I have read on the subject it sounds like Cogent takes most of the blame for that dispute. You are welcome to take that last statement with a grain of salt, after all this forum might be skewed slightly in the favor of Hurricane Electric.

If you as a tunnelbroker.net user want multiple transit providers you would have to get your own addresses and BGP tunnels through different providers. I know of three providers who offer BGP tunnels. Doing BGP announcements with the addresses you received through a standard tunnelbroker.net tunnel would as far as I recall be a violation of the terms of service.

Until recently there was a direct peering between Free and Hurricane Electric, which is why the connection used to work. But for reasons which are not clear Free shut down that peering.