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Getting redirected to google.com.hk when using IPv6 tunnel [SOLVED]

Started by nefas, April 07, 2020, 09:56:49 PM

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Hi folks,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

So I've been a member of the HE community for a fair spell (Sage earned in 2011, that seems like so long ago). I've been on and off with my tunnelbroker tunnel, and have deleted it a few times, etc. Up until the last few months I had a forward thinking ISP that had dualstack so that was nice, but due to cost I couldn't keep that connection, so I came back to my previous ISP + HE.NET / Tunnelbroker.

Here's where things go weird. On IPv4, when I go to Google, I get the normal www.google.com page everyone knows and loves. If I re-enable IPv6 in FF and go there, it redirects me to google.com.hk which is (of course) Google Hong Kong. Now I'm not sure if something dicey is going on here, or maybe Google just sees that IPv6 block I'm coming from and thinks its HK for some reason, or what.

I will say that ifconfig.co / whatismyip / and similar Geo sites all see the correct location of Fremont, CA (I use as my tunnel endpoint).

Here's my IPv6 /64 and /48 prefix:


Obviously traceroutes don't do any good:

traceroute to google.com (2607:f8b0:4007:80d::200e), 30 hops max, 80 byte packets
1  2001:470:xxxx:xxxx::1 (2001:470:xxxx:xxxx::1)  1.036 ms  1.007 ms  0.969 ms
2  * * *
3  * * *
4  * * *
5  * * *
6  * * *
7  * * *
8  * * *
9  * * *
10  lax28s10-in-x0e.1e100.net (2607:f8b0:4007:80d::200e)  31.597 ms  31.432 ms  31.433 ms

Does anyone have any ideas? I've never seen this issue before with HE, and I was considering just nuking my /48 and redoing the config to see if that helps at all.


Hey guys and gals,

So I just ended up deleting the whole tunnel config and starting over with a Fremont, CA endpoint. Allocated new /48, configured, and bam, no more .hk. I dont know if other folks were experiencing that issue on the Phoenix endpoint with a /48, but I'd be interested if so.


Here is what I do...
I change my ipv6 tunnel end point every month... reason obvious it is security precaution. RA set to 30 mins(I prefer 1 min though). Simple ipv6 firewall on on router with of course ICMP active as required by the HE tunnel.
I check all HE IPV4 ip pings and select the server which has lower ping and also check the hops in tracert and then decide the best server. Currently I am good with HE Japan server.

So when I setup JP server, all my google changes to Japanese language, the ads come in Japanese. Its because of the extensive tracking done by google.
To beat that I block the google IP in firewall. The whole range of google/youtube/adsense/adwords etc is blocked by this range on my router. 2404:6800::/32.
I also had issues in accessing office.com so also disabled it in firewall. So all traffic of google & office is fallen back to ipv4.

This is simple technique which helps me to overcome the regional problem !!