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ISP Looking for BGP6

Started by onezero1010101, April 24, 2020, 09:04:05 AM

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I am looking for a way to setup IPV6 on our ISP newtowrk.  We currently have our upstream service providers who we are BGP peered with, using our own AS and IPV4 blocks.  I have purchased IPV6 block from Arin, and am looking for a way to utilize them.  Neither of my upstream service providers currently provide IPV6 services.  Would the best way for me to provide IPV6 to my network and ISP customers, be to setup a tunnel to HE.net?  Would I be able to use my own address space on my AS?    Or would I need to instead of setting up a tunnel, want to setup a BGP Peer with HE.net?  Just wanting to see what the best path for an ISP.  Thanks



As an ISP, you'll want to investigate other transit options that offer IPv6 or research into joining IXPs and peering traffic for both stacks. If you operate a network, run BGP, have your own ASN, and wish to announce IPv6 address space allocated directly to you by an RIR (ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, etc.) via a tunnel, commercial (IPv6 BGP) tunnel service is $500/month, please contact sales@he.net / 1-510-580-4190 with additional questions.