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IPv6 tunnel & BGP

Started by tonux, March 02, 2020, 02:04:30 AM

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I'm using bird (v2.0.7)  for my BGP routers. I wanted to route IPv6 through Cogent but they can't do it for Google IPv6 ranges ( https://adminhacks.com/broken-IPv6.html ) so I decided to create an IPv6 BGP peering with HE (thx for that, very useful)

But during some tests, without any relevant changes, my HE BGP endpoint starts refusing BGP connections with me

bird: hurricane: Connecting to 2001:470:xxxx:1 from local address 2001:470:xxxxx:2
bird: hurricane: Connection lost (Connection refused)

The tunnel ID is "573440"

Did I do something wrong, too many tests or something?



asked/answered in TT opened.


Yes, thx again for your help.

For the record, the problem is I was blacklisted because I reached the max prefix limits (mistake with my  filters).

Have a good day


"Blacklisted" is the wrong term. The session got too many prefix announcements from you than expected, tripped the max limit of 200 routes, and closed the sessions. We just had to clear & reset on our side, and ensure your side wasn't leaking routes.

For anyone running BGP, always make certain you've got a nice tidy outbound filter applied to your sessions.