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Tunnel down after upgrade from Linux 5.8.18 to 5.9.8

Started by jthnetdkeu, November 18, 2020, 02:14:05 PM

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After upgrading from Fedora 32 Linux 5.8.18 to 5.9.8 the tunnel via is down.
I am using this setup

ip tunnel add sit1 mode sit remote local ttl 255
ip link set sit1 up
ip addr add 2001:470:1f14:773::2/64 dev sit1
ip route add ::/0 dev sit1

This command normally not used and makes no difference
    ip tunnel 6rd dev sit1 6rd-prefix 2001:470:1f14:773::/64 6rd-relay_prefix

ip -f inet6 addr

I can ping6 to my end of the tunnel and but not the remote end of the tunnel 2001:470:1f14:773::1
Firewalld has been stopped

Any idea ?


I have the same problem on Fedora 34.
Did you find a solution meanwhile?