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Allowing incoming IRC server ports

Started by pstbin, May 29, 2021, 05:18:50 AM

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Due to recent events with freenode, our community decided to migrate to another network, unfortunately our content does not quite match guidelines of libera network, so we decided to host our own IRC network.

I completed every possible test on sage level as requested, please disable filtering for incoming connections to ports 6667,6666,6697,7000,7001 on my account

Tunnel ID is 395459




Is there even any filtering in place? I thought only port 25 is filtered by default?


Yeah, there's a block on IRC ports unless you're Sage.


Interesting. I didn't find this in the FAQ.


It looks like this was covered in ?topic=3084.msg18145#msg18145

(However it's unclear whether the answer given there still applies.)