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tserv11.ams1 Amsterdam, NL

Started by ictd01, May 24, 2021, 01:25:48 PM

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Currently tserv11.ams1 (Amsterdam, NL) seems to be down. I did notice this happened a couple of times before.

On one firewall there's 67% packet loss and on mine at home there's 71% at the moment.

Would it be an idea to hop to another tunnel server? Eg Berlin, DE?


If you do that, you'll have to create a new tunnel and you'll have to use a different /64 as the /64s and /48s are locked to the tunnel location you signed up with.


tserv11.ams1 has been been having problems with jitter and packet loss for around a year now. It's a shame nobody is willing to look into it :(, but I'm aware that it's a free service.

I switched my tunnel over to tserv1.lon2 and that solved it. At the expense of higher latency.

I have been looking into VPS providers that offer v6 prefixes and using it as a 6in4 tunnel, but I haven't had any luck.