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blocking IPV6 allocation to selected devices

Started by cannfoddr, July 16, 2021, 12:42:00 AM

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I think my new Virgin 360 TV boxes are struggling with my HeNet IPv6 addresses and are deciding that they are 'off net'.  If I disable radvd on my Ubiquity Edgerouter things seem much happier.  Is there a way I can prevent IPv6 address allocation via radvd to selected devices, say based on MAC address?  I seem to remember playing around with ICMPv6 a while ago to try and solve a similar issue with Apple TV and Netflix.


Hello cannfoddr,

radvd sends by default multicast advertisements, so you have to instruct the TV not to listen to them, which might be an unsolvable problem as long there is no menu option to disable IPv6 in the TV.
An option for radvd is to send router advertisements to selected IPv6 addresses, but that's not attractive because you have to configure them manually...  I've to dig in the manuals, but I think you have to fire up a DHCPv6 server, and let radvd advertise the managed flag, so the clients get the default route but have to ask the DHCPv6 server for an address. The MAC's of the TV can be excluded there.