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Reverse IPv6 Zones within HE Address Space (Delegation Issue)

Started by snarked, December 08, 2021, 09:49:47 AM

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I had to delete a reverse zone because the primary server address changed*.  However, the DNS interface won't let me recreate it (even the next day).  I receive the error: "This space must first be delegated within the proper interface."

I note that if I hit the link "Delegate to dns.he.net," the zone is auto created as a primary.

Can we have the zone auto-created as a secondary if at least one HE name server is specified, but a non-HE name server is also specified (with the first 3 non-HE servers being filled in as masters at the DNS interface)?  If not auto-creation, then please at least recognize this as a proper delegation, so the "Add Slave Zone" link will work.

If as secondary, I guess that either a TSIG key fields would not be possible or input fields would have to be added in the tunnelbroker interface.  Please fix this as well.

* - Current instructions say that to change an address of a DNS master, the zone must be deleted and re-added with the new information.


I'm experiencing the same issue. I'm trying to add in reverse zones managed by my PDNS server, but having no luck and receiving the same message


trying to do this, finding this post i am assuming it was working before, any luck?





Did you find a resolution?
I've just deleted and then attempted to recreate a reverse IPv6 slave zone for an HE tunnelbroker prefix (to update the master servers).  As you say... didn't work.


No resolution.  I created it as primary, but lost the ability to add other records, including DNSSEC RR-types.