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Logged in and my tunnel is not shown, how to get it back?

Started by perka72, March 23, 2022, 07:25:32 AM

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I logged in last night to change the endpoint IP on my tunnel, as I have done periodically when my ISP changes my dynamic IP. However, my tunnel was not listed. In fact, I think I had two tunnels before, but I was not using one of them. The one I'm interested in, I was using as of yesterday. Why would my tunnel not be there? I searched this forum for "missing tunnel" and "deleted tunnel." Note, I did NOT delete the tunnel, and my data traffic was traversing the tunnel just fine up until yesterday when my IP changed. What to do? I really need the tunnel and the IPv6 address range it allocated to it. The message that says to use the last endpoint to recreate a tunnel doesn't work, because the last endpoint IP is no longer ping-able. But my question is, what happened to the tunnel? I do have the tunnel ID if that will help. Of course I could just create another tunnel (which I did temporarily just to make sure I could), but I really need the old IPv6 address range: I have many of those addresses being used and in fact entered in your FreeDNS.



Yes, I did contact via email, and got a reply. The issue is resolved. User error. I had thought I was running traffic through the tunnel, but apparently not, and so the tunnel was automatically deleted.