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Free Dynamic Update Domain

Started by sholzapfel, December 13, 2022, 02:33:31 PM

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I have recently acquired a short domain and my intention with this domain is with whoever is interested, that we build a free dynamic hostname service that allows registration by inserting an NS record of any subdomain that a user wants to register so that can be managed at dns.he.net and/or offer an equivalent A and AAAA record update service as a native service, with a subdomain expiration of 6 months in such a way that no user saturates the service or abuses it.
These services are intended for anyone that like to play around with the reverse DNS record for their assigned IPv6 segment on TunnelBroker and with the help of dns.he.net or for those who have ever had to use the terrible NoIP service that tries to charge you for any other record besides the type A or for anyone that have ever tried using the Freenom service that if the domain achieves a lot of traffic they take it away arbitrarily off the user.
If someone is interested, send me a PM to talk about it!