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IPv6 adresses from HE getting blocked by Google search

Started by paalbo, June 24, 2023, 07:07:29 AM

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Hi guys.

I get blocked with my IPv6 addresses on Google search I get the image you see in the attachment.
I have tried to report this to Google using the support there but no responds. So as long as I use my IPv6 addresses to surf online I get blocked and can't use Google Search engine.

Paal B.

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Paal B.


My /64 and /48 are being blocked by Netflix as well now


Well, Netflix I know and made a exception in my Router for that so on Netflix I don't use IPv6.

Paal B.


Netflix is not news and should really be discussed in its own forum topic since this one is about Google Search HTTP 403 errors.

I saw heavy presentation of CAPTCHAs a week or two ago when using Google search. It was just random luck that I even noticed since I rarely use Google search. It eventually cleared up on its own after a couple of days. While the CAPTCHAs were annoying, I could at least solve them and resume my activity. This new 403 page nonsense is beyond excusable and can only be classified as malice or incompetence.

It is definitely triggered by TunnelBroker IPv6 addresses from AS6939. Connections from another site using native IPv6 addresses in AS209 (Lumen/CenturyLink) work as expected. Using ipv4.google.com from the same site as my HE Tunnel also works.

I was only alerted to this issue today by a user. Hopefully someone with a way to reach Google can bring it to their attention. More importantly, hopefully someone at Google cares enough to fix it.


Quote from: qpg on June 28, 2023, 05:18:20 PMI saw heavy presentation of CAPTCHAs a week or two ago when using Google search.
Google reCaptcha was also annoying on other websites with my HE tunnel, so not only Google websites are affected.