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Stopped working and can't login to tunnelbroker.net?

Started by AndrewButterworth, June 16, 2023, 06:01:09 AM

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I noticed this morning that my tunnel isn't up.  I thought my IPv4 address may have changed so I forced an update via the API and got a response saying "-ERROR: Invalid API key or password".  I have tried to login to tunnelbroker.net & dns.he.net, however I am getting invalid username or password.  I have attempted to reset the password but the email never arrives.

Have I been banned or has my account been hacked?


It appears everything has been deleted.  My account, the tunnel and all the DNS records I had.
I can only assume the worst and my account details have been hacked/exposed and someone/thing has deleted it all.

I've had this tunnel since 2014 and other than a few blips here and there its been excellent and has helped me immensely.
This is a whole heap of pain if I have to re-address my network.  Plus all the documentation, a few external whitelists etc etc.

I have emailed ipv6@he.net and am hoping something can be done to resolve this.