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Does any know which DNS domains Max, the old HBO MAX, streaming service uses?

Started by cshilton, August 09, 2023, 08:31:00 AM

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Q: Has anyone enumerated the domains that the "MAX" service is using so I can add them to my filter?

I'm trying to update my DNS filter on my firewall and I've noticed that after they rebranded from "HBO MAX" to "MAX", all the domains changed. When I try to get to MAX on my laptop, I get a GeoIP based block. Like many, I fixed this problem by blocking AAAA DNS from certain domains but the domains used by "MAX" seem to have changed since the rebrand.


A user on reddit gave me the solution. There's a browser extension called IPvFoo that will show you the resources a web pages is using by IP address and thus protocol, IPv4 or IPv6. Using IPvFoo you can quickly figure out what resources should be listed in your firewall blocking list.

Thanks all