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Notify's not taking effect?

Started by beewoolie, February 25, 2024, 04:06:57 PM

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From time to time, when I want to move a service, I edit a zone on the master server and have it notify the HE server which is active as a slave. Eventually, he pulls the zone and make the update, but this is often hours later.

Is there some detail about a zone that limits notified updates?

I also try the "Validate" button which has an effect of pulling the zone from the master.  I can see that the HE server has requested the zone due to a tsig request in the logfile of the master.  However, the zone still doesn't update on he.net, even after 30 minutes.

Any suggestions?


A search of this forum didn't turn up anything with the NOTIFY, but a search of the net did.

The issue is that the notification target is not the same as the DNS host that pulls the zones.  Zones are pulled by slave.dns.he.net.  Notifications to to ns1.he.net.  Once I change this, I believe the updates occur reasonably quickly.