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Good place to begin?

Started by mvalpreda, June 08, 2012, 05:39:51 PM

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You just have to change the m and o flags (I think that's that they are)


This has been quite frustrating. I set up DHCPv6 on my Windows 2008 R2 server and none of the clients would get an IPv6 address. I had to run "netsh interface ipv6 set int ## advertise=enable managed=enable" to get an IPv6 address that wasn't a seemingly random router advertised address. Problem is, those would not work. Ping any IPv6 address and it would give a general failure. Remove those commands and I would get a crazy address again, but everything would flow. I just wanted to have a nice managed list of sequential IPv6 addresses.

I tried combinations of router advertisements on/off, DNS settings in the scope, no DNS settings in the scope and the only way it seems to work is advertisements on and no options defined in DHCPv6. Then I see there is no way to configure a gateway on DHCPv6. I don't get it!

In a strange way, I almost feel like IPv6 is a step back in the DHCP aspect. Unless I am totally missing something....


I think I understand a little more now. The RA tells the client what to get from where. If the RA doesn't tell the client to get an IPv6 address from another server....it won't. It will auto-configure. So now I need to see how to change the M flag on the RA on this TomatoUSB router. Might not be likely....

At least I have a little better understanding now.


The only easy way that I know of to make Windows 7 boxes use DHCPv6 is if the prefix advertisements they get from the gateway tell them to do so via the managed config flags in said prefix advertisements. Unfortunately the ASA cannot do this either as both of the config flags in the prefix advertisements sent from any ASA are hard set to 0 and cannot be changed. A Cisco router lets you set the config flags though. Hopefully Cisco will correct this discrepancy soon.