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how to ping each other connect directly with cross-ruling using ipv6

Started by yangleifage, May 24, 2009, 05:03:30 AM

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 I have two computers,A and B ,it's conected with cross-ruling *directly*.

I *just* do two things on A and B

1, give A ----> ip : 2002:1::1/64
2,give B ---->ip 2002:1::2/64

I find the can't ping each other (Note with ipv4, it can ping each other), Is there any other things need to do for ipv6?

Thanks for your time


uh... maybe you are trying to 'ping' instead of 'ping6'? ;)

As your question seems not to involve any tunnel, but just local network issue, that only could be this.

If otherwise (you're using ping6), can you ping ipv6 sites from both points?