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AXIS Camera

Started by broquea, September 09, 2008, 09:22:10 PM

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I have a 210, and according to the release notes for firmware v4.40:

"4.40:F01 Support for IPv6."


I'll flash it tomorrow and put it up somewhere :)

*update* Looks like it took the firmware without issue, however the IPv6 support seems to be for auto-configuration, and doesn't let you statically assign an address.

Available for a short time: http://ipv6cam.deus-exmachina.net/view/index.shtml


FYI, after talking to AXIS support when I was considering getting an M1011, I asked if there was any way to statically configure the IPv6 address, instead of relying on there being router advertisements. They informed me that once you get into the camera, under Setup>System Settings>Advanced>Plain Config  and pick "Network", if you scroll down, you can manually enter the static IPv6 address and gateway here. So now I have my new AXIS M1011 using a static IPv6 address in my colo uselessly pointing at the rear connections of my equipment on a dual-stack hostname: http://cam.deus-exmachina.net