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Professional test problem

Started by clkroot, June 08, 2009, 07:47:13 PM

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I tried delegating RDNS to DynDNS service, but they haven't added the PTR record yet for my host. So what I did is configured bind on my server to give out that PTR record and it is working fine.

Problem is, the test seems to think it isn't working, but dig -x myipv6 +trace shows otherwise.

;; Received 186 bytes from 2001:dc0:2001:a:4608::59#53(SEC1.APNIC.NET) in 326 ms

9.4.1.e. 4900 IN NS    clk01.clkroot.net.
9.4.1.e. 4900 IN NS    ns2.v6.mydyndns.org.
9.4.1.e. 4900 IN NS    ns5.mydyndns.org.
;; Received 172 bytes from 2001:470:200::2#53(ns2.he.net) in 131 ms 259200 IN PTR clk01.clkroot.net.
9.4.1.e. 259200 IN NS  clk01.clkroot.net.
;; Received 163 bytes from in 0 ms

Now, I'm thinking either it's a DNS caching/sync problem, or perhaps the test stored a previous IP address for my MX server. (But still, the AAAA record and the PTR record are pointing correctly to each other).

Any suggestions?


the server runs a local resolver, clears out after 6hours. give it a wait, should get cleared out